Tuesday, September 21, 2010


1) List down attitude Michael Jackson mother.
-loving mother
-caring mother

2) Your personal opinion Michael Jackson father.
In my opinion,Michael Jackson fahter is very strict person and cannot give up anything he do.

3) How many siblings Michael Jackson have.Who are they.
Three sisters and five brothers. Rebbie , La Toya , Janet , Jackie , Tito , Jermaine , Marlon , Randy .

4) What is the uniqueness of Michael Jackson.
The uniqueness of Michael Jackson is he can dance many step and he good singer.

5) Do you think Michael Jackson's death is a big lost to the world ? Give your
Yes because he sing many long time.He good in dance.He become an idol to all those.

6) What is your favourite scenes in this film ?
My favourite scenes in this film is Jackson 5 practice the show.

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