Wednesday, September 29, 2010


a) Write in about words about marriage from your point of view after reading "Husband
In my opinion,marriage is something legal relationship between male and female.Furthermore,marriage also able eluding from occurence of defamation.Marriage is one way safe.

b) Will you choose your own spouse or just let your parents to do that ? Justify your
I choose my own spouse becaue i dislike according to parents choice.I more easier to know he.

c) What is the meaning of 'husband material' based on dictionary and from your
understanding ?
There can be two types of guys.Great boyfriends and greay husbands.Both have their attributes, but when it comes to long-term relationships and thinking about the future, a woman has to seek out the type of guy suited to be a husband. As you evaluate men in your life, learn how to know if they are husband material.

d) Give at least two moral values you can learn from "Husband Material" .Explain your
answers with textual evidence.

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