Wednesday, July 28, 2010


1.Who is Mr.Brown

Mr.Brown is the English teacher.He is hired in the series pilot, in which he is warned that the previous teacher was driven insane by the students. Mr. Brown is up to the challenge, and often has to put up with the students' often literal interpretations of the English language.

2.What is the topic taught by Mr.Brown ?

The topic taught by Mr.Brown is English Language.

3.List down at least your 2 favourite characters in the sitcom "Mind Your
Language" ? why do you like them.

4.What do you think the main problem faced by Mr.Brown in the classroom ?
The main problem faced by Mr.Brown in the classroom is explained the meaning of English to all student and
he do not understand all the language was presented by the students.

5.State one character that you dislike in the sitcom.Give a reason for your answer.
6.How can Mr.Brown help his students to improve their English ? suggest two

-Mr.Brown speak in English in class.
-Mr.Brown explain the meaning of the word.

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